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Leading Avidin Producer in Biotechnology

e-Proteins: Pioneering Avidin Production

inding proteins like avidin, which is a protein sourced from chicken eggs. Over our journey, which spans more than 30 years in the field of avidin production, we have been empowered to consistently deliver bio-active proteins. Notably, these proteins exhibit an exceptional purity level, exceeding 99.5%, a testament to our dedication and expertise in this specialized area. Maintaining this quality in both the native form and diverse derivatives, we, as an avidin producer, ensure our tailored modifications and optimizations cater to various applications, guaranteeing our clients unparalleled performance.

The Avidin Producer’s Approach to Bio-Active Protein Purity

Our company’s unique value originates from our diverse team of experts. Specifically, this team comprises biochemists, engineers specializing in biology and fluid mechanics, as well as agronomic and mechanical engineers. Significantly, their collaborative efforts empower us to develop groundbreaking processes. Consequently, these processes are instrumental in facilitating the extraction, purification, and modification of avidin, thereby significantly enhancing its biological properties.

Avidin producer : e-Proteins team management

Avidin producer : e-proteins team management.

Sustainable Practices of an Avidin Production Leader

e-Proteins, a leading avidin producer, embraces a responsible societal approach in conducting its activities. Additionally, we, as an avidin producer, strive for harmony in our interactions with suppliers, customers, and the environment. This ethos encourages our team to excel, effectively balancing professionalism with a humane and congenial touch. Every team member, regardless of their role in avidin production, is pivotal in ensuring the company’s optimal functioning. Hence, e-Proteins invests in employee loyalty and well-being, viewing it as a long-term commitment in our role as an avidin producer.

The Team Behind the Top Avidin Producer

The management team at e-Proteins is in a class of its own, setting high standards in the industry. Crucially, project coordinators play a key role. They are responsible for the successful rollout of projects. These coordinators collaborate closely with all team members. Consequently, this collaboration establishes a flexible structure. Subsequently, it allows each talented individual to smoothly transition from a role of coordinator to that of an active project team member. Therefore, this versatility in roles ensures that our employees experience a wide range of diverse and fulfilling tasks, each thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific needs of each project leader.

AI-Driven Excellence in Avidin Production at e-Proteins

As a renowned avidin producer, e-Proteins leverages AI to enhance our production processes and research programs. Consequently, this innovative approach ensures we remain at the forefront of binding protein solutions. Moreover, our skilled employees harness AI to optimize avidin production, thereby driving efficiency and advancing research. Ultimately, this commitment to technology and expertise cements e-Proteins’ position as a leader in the biotech industry, continually delivering superior binding protein products.


In charge of the Management, Customers and sustainability.

Eduction : engineer in aeronautics.
Passion : modern art and water sport, Padel.


In Charge of sales strategy

Education: Commercial Engineer
Passion: Family, Hockey.


In charge of the quality insurance, suppliers, subcontractors, offices & maintenance.

Education : engineer in biology
Passion : bike, cooking


In charge of the SQM ISO9001:2015 and the production lot release.

Education : engineer in biology
Passion : Travel for the knowledge of new culture and fauna and flora, horticulture, collector


In Charge of the Proteins polymerisation .

Education: Infection biologist
Passion: Family, Theatre and Biking.


In Charge of the microfluidics production.

Education: Eletromecanics engineer
Passion: Family, Climbing.


In charge of the GMP production.

Education : Master in chemical engineering and biotechnology.
Passion: squash (class A3), Padel , mountain bike.

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