R&D for avidin in targeting therapies


 Designing stable artificial receptors in diseased tissues for targeting of biotinylated therapeutics: Treatment of un-resectable somatostatin-receptor (SSTR) positive tumors is difficult (chemotherapy and radiotherapy often fail). Oxidized oligosaccharide-derived avidins with unaffected oxidation-sensitive biotin-binding capacity (Trp) have demonstrated enhanced specific diseased tissue binding properties, with reported clearance increased from ~2 hrs (AVI) to ~2 wks (AVIox), therefore allowing for tissue pre-targeted radionuclide imaging (111I-biotinDOTA (Indium-111) scintigraphy) & therapy (90Y-biotinDOTA (Yttrium-90) b-emitting).

Reference AvidinOX for highly efficient tissue-pretargeted radionuclide therapy. De Santis R1, Leoni B, Rosi A, Albertoni C, Forni G, Cojoca R, Iezzi M, Musiani P, Paganelli G, Chinol M, Carminati P.)

The e-Proteins R&D team develops a similar formulation for standardizing AVIox to include silencing of potentially allergenic epitopes, thus facilitating the parenteral approach of avidin-based biotinylated radionuclide therapeutics

Avidin targeting 3T3 avidin targeting PC3


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