How Ultracoat70 Ensures A Higher Binding Signal for Detection

This innovative product presents a higher binding signal due to its multi-layers forms. The higher binding capacity improves the test sensibility for accurate detection. It is not only the best alternative to cross-linking streptavidin technology or “polystreptavidin R” but also has improved properties. Let’s learn the distinct characteristics of Ultracoat70.

Due to its multi form , ultracaot70 presents a higher sensibiliy in lateral flow test LTF

More than the capacity , ultracoat70 is soluble and stable over the time.

Ultracoat70 from e-Proteins boosts signal intensity by 173%. Today this derivative presents the higher binding signal for detection on the market.


Ultracoat70 Characteristics

  • It is homogeneous with a constant extinction coefficient and molecular weight < 500 kDa as compared to the conventional polystreptavidin R.
  • The product has only covalent binding between the molecule without linker.
  • Its conformation stays simple because of covalently linked molecules.
  • Temperature, pH, protein concentration, ionic strength, as well as molecular crowding have a limited impact on the olimegorized protein.
  • The specific polymerization process enables the use of Lysine (available for further conjugation and derivatization).
  • e-Proteins product UltraCoat70 can be used in any range of pH.
  • Ultracoat70 is a lyophilised powder which can be reconstitute with any buffer. The 0,22 micron filtration is allowed.
  • Have a higher level of dimers, trimers and quadrimer comparing the cross-linking steptavidin profile.
Ultracoat70 offers a increased binding capacity due to its multi form

the multi layer increases the binding capacity by more than 150 % in average

Ultracoat70 is a competitor of strepatavidin crossed linked conjugate such as PolystretavidinR.

Ultracoat70 presents several binding layers that improve the test sensitivity in lateral flow test .

e-Proteins developed two chemical modifications to keep the product soluble for use in acid/neutral reconstitution buffer as well as neutral/basic reconstitution buffer, a novel approach to high-performance in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) and direct substitution. This meets the specific needs of the customer regarding the reconstitution buffer.

Ultracoat70 Development Background

In 2012, Customers who use the cross-linking streptavidin technology requested e-Proteins to develop a new product that merges the benefits of Neutralite Avidin with the high sensitivity of cross-linking streptavidin. In one word, the customer looks for a new derivative that offer a higher binding signal for detection.

After eight years of research, e-Proteins developed a process to produce Poly-Neutralite Avidin with a profile that has more dimers, trimers, and quadrimers than cross-linking PolySteptavidin R.

Neutralite Avidin, with a nearly neutral charge, no oligomannosidic glycan as well as no Arg-Tyr-Asp (RYD) amino acids sequence, has reduced background or non-specific bio-recognition by 75% for years.

If you are interested in our product and have any questions, please do not hesitate to Get in Touch with us. At e-Proteins, you can buy with confidence, knowing that you will get the lowest prices on the best products.


ProductQuantityPrice trimerorder
Ultracoat70 (UC70)
100 mg2 820 €
Ultracoat70 (UC70)1 gr19 800 €
Ultracoat70 (UC70)10 gr158 800 €
neutral Ultracoat70 (nUC70)
100 mg3 170 €
neutral Ultracoat70 (nUC70)1 gr21 870 €
neutral Ultracoat70 (nUC70)
10 gr175 590 €


PhysicochemistryUltracoat70Neutral Ultracoat70
(U/mg solid)
> 14> 13
Moisture content
(% w :w)
< 5.0 %< 5.0 %
Extintion coefficient1.80-2.001.80-2.00
Isoelectric point9,5 ± 0,26,2 ± 0,2
Deglycosylation level± 90%± 90%
trimer > 3%OKOK
Optimum Solubility
(transmittance @650nm
15mg/ml in water pH)
pH < 7 and pH > 10 pH < 5 and pH > 8
Microbiology(n) Ultracoat70
Total Bacterial Count in 1 mg< 1


Definition of
One Unit activity binds

1 µg of biotin
Country of
OriginEgg proteins from hens
ApparenceWhite to off white free
flowing lyophilised
powder, free of any
visible impurities

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