Missions and Values

the avidin world leader’s Mission:

As the world leader, e-proteins actively focuses on developing products that derive from or are conjugated with avidin. We dedicate our entire research and development effort to innovating and enhancing avidin-based products. This commitment motivates us to continuously explore new avenues for product development. Consequently, we ensure that each product not only meets but also surpasses the evolving needs of the market. Furthermore, our relentless pursuit of excellence in avidin-based solutions underpins our goal to expand the limits of what is possible in biotechnology. By constantly enhancing the performance of existing products and pioneering new ones, we maintain our position at the forefront of scientific advancement in our field.

Our mission is to enhance healthcare diagnostic testing by supplying our clients with consistently homogeneous and cutting-edge biotin-binding proteins.

The avidin world producer’ values:

The best way to present the core values that drive e-proteins is through its project:

The escalating issues of climate change are anticipated to precipitate natural disasters and conflicts. A substantial effort will be required to assist individuals in relocating to ensure they can lead dignified lives. Despite our countries hosting immigrants, often reluctantly, there’s a noticeable gap in true integration. Our project is to offer a comprehensive support system to refugees, regardless of whether they are escaping political turmoil, environmental disasters, or conflict zones. This endeavor isn’t just a corporate commitment; it’s a call to volunteers, emphasizing that financial contributions alone aren’t sufficient. Addressing such challenges necessitates a deep sense of humanity, empathy, and dedicated attention. Our goal is to ensure that those displaced can find a sense of belonging and establish new roots within our community.

Through a deep commitment to respecting human dignity and building a more inclusive and supportive community, this project emphasizes that a commercial entity is not just a wealth-producing entity but also one that ensures the well-being and cohesion of its stakeholders.

the avidin world leader ‘ Commitment for the future:

Companies across the globe are dedicating resources to enhance their environmental footprint and promote greater inclusivity. At e-proteins, our approach goes beyond mere investment; we take concrete actions.

Current Projects related to the  avidin production:`

Energy Consumption Management: The trend in our energy usage clearly indicates that our strategic investments in both technology and processes have effectively reduced consumption.

e-Proteins strives towards COP21 objectives. In the last decade, we reduced energy usage by 50%. We achieved this target by upgrading equipment and refining purification processes. We also lowered consumables by 30% through process improvements. Moreover, we optimized shipping, reducing transport costs by over 12%. These steps demonstrate our environmental commitment, aligning with COP21’s goals.


a major global initiative, aims to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change. It seeks to limit warming and support sustainable development. This summit’s national pledges emphasize the urgency of environmental action.

Local Sourcing Initiative: Our commitment to local sourcing underscores our move towards minimizing dependence on transportation costs, reinforcing our stance on sustainability.

Projet energy reduction

Our initial projects targeted the reduction of electrical energy usage in producing one kilo of avidin. We focused on acquiring new, more efficient equipment, achieving a 25% reduction in energy consumption. Additionally, we improved the operating points of the pre-purification process, leading to a further 20% reduction.

We then centered our efforts on selecting new raw materials and consumable supplies, achieving a 20% improvement in pre-purification efficiencies. This shift resulted in using less energy to produce a kilo of avidin.

Despite these significant achievements, e-Proteins, as an avidin leader, embarked on an ambitious new research program to further cut energy costs. We’re developing an innovative process expected to reduce energy consumption by 30% in the pre-treatment of raw materials. Typically, these materials arrive in 20-ton batches for processing at e-Proteins. Our new approach involves pre-treating the raw material at our supplier’s site, significantly reducing the quantity we need to transport and process.


This strategy doesn’t just save energy; it also allows us to transport only 1 ton instead of 20, resulting in a proportional reduction of waste generated on-site. We plan to test this technology in 2019, aiming for validation in 2020 and production commencement in 2022.


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