Avidin and derivatives

e-Proteins: Leading Avidin Producer in Biotechnology

e-Proteins, renowned as an avidin producer, has established itself as a leader in the field of binding protein purification and quality assurance. Significantly, the company offers a range of innovative products, each designed to meet specific needs in the life sciences industry.

Innovative Products and Solutions by the number one avidin producer

Neutralite Avidin: A Notable Innovation

Neutralite Avidin is a notable product from E-Proteins, distinguished by its deglycosylated form. This modification results in a near-neutral isoelectric point, effectively addressing issues of non-specific binding. Consequently, Neutralite Avidin is particularly valuable in applications where non-specific binding can be a critical issue.

Ultracoat50 and Ultracoat70: Enhancing Binding Performance

Another key product, Ultracoat50, is designed to enable higher binding performance for purification. It stands out as superior to Streptavidin in certain aspects, highlighting the avidin producer’ commitment to developing products that offer enhanced performance in specific applications.

Similarly, Ultracoat70 is engineered to ensure a higher binding signal for detection. Its innovative formulation presents a higher binding signal, crucial in detection applications where signal intensity is of paramount importance.

Biotin Blocking System (BBS): An Innovative Solution

The Biotin Blocking System (BBS) offered by E-Proteins is another innovative solution. By adding BBS to cell culture, it irreversibly binds free biotin, preventing it from interfering in biotin-streptavidin systems. This system is particularly useful in experiments where non-specific biotin binding could skew results.

Avidin producer’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Avidin Production: E-Proteins’ Unique Approach

E-Proteins also prides itself on being the only native Avidin producer that has managed to significantly innovate with this binding protein. Their avidin products maintain high standards of purity and performance, catering to various research and industrial applications. Only the avidin producer can garantees such qualification level.

Additionally, products like Nitrolite avidin and Streptavidin, each with specific properties and applications, showcase the company’s broad expertise. Nitrolite avidin, for example, revolutionizes separation techniques with reverse binding properties.

Adherence to Global Standards with the avidin producer

E-Proteins’ commitment to quality is evident in their adherence to global standards, including the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification, along with their meticulous quality control processes, ensures that each product aligns with high standards of purity and efficacy.


In conclusion, E-Proteins demonstrates a strong dedication to innovation and quality in the field of avidin production. Their range of products, including Neutralite Avidin, Ultracoat50, Ultracoat70, the Biotin Blocking System, and their unique formulations of avidin and streptavidin, place them at the forefront of the biotechnology sector. They meet diverse needs in research and industry with precision and reliability, further cementing their status as a leading avidin producer.

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