e-Proteins’ expertise : A Solution for Each Binding Application

e-Proteins is the world leader in avidin derivatives production which are the best alternatives to streptavidin. e-Proteins is an innovator company that focuses on developing the products of the future binding protein approach.
We have more than 10 years of R&D experience in developing binding protein solutions. Our advanced research facility and the continuous research of renowned scientists have become able to develop several avidin protein derivatives (CAS Number: 1405-69-2). These derivatives are superior and address the main challenges of previously used streptavidin in:

Quality System and Perfomances

We have standardized our production facility always to get the same quality batch over time. All protocols are tested for offering product reliability over the years. As well as all our binding protein ‘s productions are managed under ISO 9001-2015 system and comply the good manufacturing practices.

Binding protein :  R&D Highlights

e-Proteins provides high purity, homogeneous, certified, and stable avidin derivatives binding protein for the diagnostics industry that ensure high quality through its research and commercialization programs.

Poly-Lite Avidin

With perseverance, for 7 years, the e-Proteins R&D team has tested 5 polymerization methods in different conditions (370 failed experiences and one success ) to develop a new protocol in order to reproduce in one month what nature can create in 10 years. Those advanced binding protein derivatives are available for use in a large range of pH. This derivative has superior non-specific binding properties and a high capacity than streptavidin in diagnostic tests. Ultracoat50 out-binds streptavidin binding capability on beads by 25% because of its multi-layer structure when Ultracoat70 out-binds streptavidin binding capacity in Lateral Flow test (LFT) .

3-HRP Conjugate

e-Proteins is developing a new cutting-edge conjugate binding protein using HRP (HorseRadish peroxidase). So this new 3-RHP conjugate enables the detection like other HRP conjugates but also the quantification.

Customized product

Our R&D breakthroughs in developing binding protein solutions have given us the leverage to meet our customers’ precise and unique requirements. Also, the dedicated projects can address all challenges for a new derivative or a new conjugate.

For example, e-proteins can also deliver the Neutralite avidin with an acid pI = 5 (a good alternative to Neutravidin) in order to clear the non-specific absorption.  Obviously, the derivation is not possible anymore at this pI.

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