increase signal in LFA

UltraCoat70 : Enhancing Signal Detection in Lateral Flow Assay

UltraCoat70 in Lateral Flow Assay: Amplifying Signal for Enhanced Detectione-Proteins’ groundbreaking product, UltraCoat70, dramatically revolutionizes lateral flow assays (LFAs). Initially, it boosts the LFA signal by a remarkable 173%. Its innovative multi-layered design plays a key role in maximizing surface area bonds. Consequently, leveraging its multi-layer profile, this derivative delivers a significantly higher binding signal, thereby surpassing the capabilities of traditional streptavidin technology.

Comparison between streptavidin and ultracoat70 when use in lateral flow test

The ultracaot70 signal is clean compared to streptavidin signal.

Key features of UltraCoat70 include:

  • Homogeneous composition with a consistent extinction coefficient.
  • Molecular weight below 500 kDa, ensuring stability and efficiency.
  • Achieves covalent binding
  • without a linker, simplifying conformation.
  • Resists temperature, pH, and ionic strength variations.
  • Lysine use improves conjugation and derivatization.
  • Applicable across various pH ranges.
  • Available as a lyophilized powder for easy reconstitution.
the single avidin, the double avidin, the triple avidin.

More the form is polymerised , more bindings are availble the surface area.

HPLC comparison between strepatvidin and utlracoat70

This analysis shows the poly form profile of ultracoat70

Developing UltraCoat70

Launched in 2012, the development of UltraCoat70 was strategically designed to merge the high sensitivity of cross-linking streptavidin with the benefits of Neutralite Avidin. Consequently, e-Proteins’ thorough research efforts culminated in this notable innovation. Significantly, it exhibits an increased presence of dimers, trimers, and quadrimers, which effectively reduces non-specific bio-recognition while simultaneously boosting the reliability of tests.

Understanding Avidin and Its Uses

Avidin, a biotin-binding protein found in egg whites, plays a vital role in forming strong non-covalent biotin bonds. Due to its high biotin affinity, avidin becomes particularly valuable in biochemical assays such as ELISA and western blot. Nevertheless, its propensity for non-specific binding has necessitated the creation of modified forms like Neutralite avidin. Building upon these developments, UltraCoat70 takes a step further by enhancing the LFA signal.

UltraCoat70’s Impact on LFA Performance

In summary, UltraCoat70 marks a significant leap in lateral flow assays. Its ability to effectively enhance the LFA signal, coupled with its strong and adaptable attributes, has led to its high demand among researchers and diagnostic experts. Furthermore, as researchers continue to explore biotin-binding proteins like avidin, they expect products like UltraCoat70 to play an increasingly vital role in advancing diagnostic assays and biotechnological studies.


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