R&D with for specific customer product

Depending on each customers requirement regarding the quality, the fonctionnalities , the specifications or the certification, e-Proteins is able with its engineers to address any specific demand on biotin binding proteins.

For quantities of applications , the Isoelectric point can be customised on the following products in order to optimise their functionalities

  • Avidin —> Neutralized avidin with a pI ( 5,5 ; 10)
  • Deglicolized avidin —> Neutralite avidin with a pI ( 5,5 ; 10)
  • Olimegorized  (Poly-) avidin —> Neutralized olimegorized (poly-)avidin with a pI ( 5,5 ; 10)
  • Olimegorized (Poly-) deglicolized Avidin  —> Olimegorized (Poly-) Neutralised avidin with a pI ( 5,5 ; 10)


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