14,5 U/mg specific activity

Our R&D objectives is firstly to improve the current product portfolio. During the 6 last years, e-Proteins has invested in equipments and new technologies for the avidin production in order to reach the >99% of purity and > 99,5% of activity . This R&D program requires number of investigations , few of them improves the products, others generate new approaches for innovative derivatives.


The second objectives of our R&D is to improve the custom derivatives for our customers in order to optimise those derivatives and to produce them on the long term, as long as their R&D program lasts.

Neutralite avidin has an theoretical specific activity > 16,8 u/mg

In 1990 the Neutralite avidin had a specific activity > 11 U/mg because the process was extremely complex to produce the derivative and its specific activity was quite affected by the chemical ingredients !

In 2012, a new R&D program (NLA-A43) was launched by e-Proteins and this program successfully improves the specific activity to > 14 U/mg

In 2017, a new ambitious program (NLA-A62) has been launched in order to reach > 15,5 U/mg .

In 2018 , e-Proteins started a new R&D program on the Neutralite avidin to reach 16,6 U/mg what is the theoretical maximum specific activity for this derivative.

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