avidin stability at higher temperature

Neutralite avidin resistant to high temperatures

Few of our customer works on high temperature to coat our product. In 2015 , e-Proteins launched a R&D program in order to meet this custom requirements

Heat-stability curves of avidin , Neutralite avidin  & Poly-Neutralite avidin were determined in 50mM NaPi pH 7.0. The following Delta(50) – expressed as the temperature at which 50% of the starting activity is lost after 30 min incubation – are observed:

The NLA-H has been developed by e-Proteins to exhibit a better heat stability than Neutralite Avidin and streptavidin. NLA-H exhibits a 5°C upgraded Delta(50) of ~83C after 30 min.
NLA-XH is in development at e-Proteins, NLA-XH should exhibit a similar heat stability than the native avidin, ie ~89C(30).

Current statut : the new derivatives resists on highest temperature but after 48 h, it losts 15% of activity. e-Proteins continues to work on this derivative in order to stabilised it over the time.

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