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e-Proteins is an active company in the biotechnology domain and more particularly, specialized in binding proteins such as avidin, a protein derived from chicken eggs. Experience of more than 30 years has allowed it to offer its customers a bio-active protein with more than 99.5% purity in its native form or in its derivatives  which can be modified and optimized according to theirs applications in order to guarantee them maximum performance. The added value offered by e-Proteins comes from its teams consisting of biochemists, engineers in biology and engineers in fluid mechanics, agronomic engineers and mechanical engineers. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary team, e-Proteins is able to conceive innovative processes allowing to extract, purify and modify avidin when optimizing its biological properties.

A team that is part of its environment

e-Proteins has practised its activity while working in a societal approach, concerned with its involvement in tomorrow’s world. Working in harmony with our suppliers, with our customers and our environment allows our collaborators to give the best of themselves with a serious, professional but also human and friendly approach. Each collaborator, whatever his function, has a crucial role so that the company functions in an optimal manner; for this simple reason, e-Proteins ensures that its employees are loyal in considering its well-being as a long-term investment.

The team

Managers at e-Proteins are incomparable. Indeed, all projects are led by coordinators responsible for the successful project rollout in collaboration with all other members of the team. So, each vital member of e-Proteins, according to his field of skilled expertise, is sometimes a coordinator and sometimes an active member of the project team. This approach offers our collaborators varied work with tasks in a flexible structure, corresponding to each project leader.


In charge of the Management, Customers and sustainability.

Eduction : engineer in aeronautics.
Passion : modern art and water sport, Padel.


In Charge of sales strategy

Education: Commercial Engineer
Passion: Family, Hockey.


In charge of the quality insurance, suppliers, subcontractors, offices & maintenance.

Education : engineer in biology
Passion : bike, cooking


In charge of the SQM ISO9001:2015 and the production lot release.

Education : engineer in biology
Passion : Travel for the knowledge of new culture and fauna and flora, horticulture, collector


In Charge of the Proteins polymerisation .

Education: Infection biologist
Passion: Family, Theatre and Biking.


In Charge of the microfluidics production.

Education: Eletromecanics engineer
Passion: Family, Climbing.


In charge of the GMP production.

Education : Master in chemical engineering and biotechnology.
Passion: squash (class A3), Padel , mountain bike.

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