Poly neutralite avidin

Garantee of highest signal intensity

As Supplier, e-Proteins guarantees the best prices for the highest quality.

Our customers working with the cross linking streptavidin technology have requested to e-Proteins to develop a new product with the Neutralite avidin’s advantages combined with the cross-linking streptavidin high sensitivity. 

After more than five years of research, e-Proteins has implemented a innovative process that enables to produce a Poly-neutralite avidin with a profile presenting a higher level of dimers, trimers and quadrimer comparing the the cross-linking steptavidin profile.  This innovative product is ready to use ! 

In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) is at constant search for more specificity which – in practical terms – melts down to tracking for higher signal / background ratio. Neutralite Avidin – carrying a nearly neutral charge, no oligomannosidic glycan and no Arg-Tyr-Asp (RYD) amino acids sequence – has served that specific purpose for quite some years through reducing background or non-specific bio-recognition by some 75%.

With Poly (or Oligomerized) NeutraLite Avidin, e-Proteins goes one step further in increasing the intensity of the signal by some 133%, leading to an overall improvement of min 500% in specificity in comparison to the original avidin. A unique approach to high performance IVD, direct substitution, no brainer!

Product competitor : Cross-linking streptavidin



Poly Neutralite
100 mg650 €
Poly Neutralite
1 gr5 230 €
Poly Neutralite
10 gr46 800 €


(U/mg solid)
> 14
Moisture content
(% w :w)
< 5.0 %
Extintion coefficient1.60-1.80
Isoelectric point6.5 ± 0.5
Deglycosylation level± 90%
Dimer> 20%
(transmittance @650nm
10mg/ml in PBS)
(transmittance @650nm
15mg/ml in water)
Total Bacterial Count in 1 mg< 1
Definition of
One Unit activity binds

1 µg of biotin
Country of
OriginEgg proteins from hens
ApparenceWhite to off white free
flowing lyophilised
powder, free of any
visible impurities

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