R&D Program

With our strong operational structure and experience, we are able to conduct research and development projects on both a short- and long-term basis.

Short-term R&D projects are conducted in partnership with our clients and are essentially geared towards improving our products' performance and properties, ensuring their maximum efficiency in the various applications in which our clients use them.

Long-term research projects are essential for our company's development. They focus on developing new avidin-based derivatives, which will enable us to turn our attention to markets in which avidin does not yet have all the properties required for it to be used optimally.

1. Highest purity : one single (C4)RP)HPLC peak : Only 1 natural Variant
2. Designing stable artificial receptors in diseased tissues for targeting of biotinylated therapeutics
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1. Catalytic Avidin : Designing stable artificial catalytic ABS complexes for green enantioselective chemistry
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1. Reducing the affinity for biotin
2. Reversing the binding of biotin
3. Boosting signal-to-background binding of biotin
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1. Designing ABS complexes for the supplementation (masking & targeting) of the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT)
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