Oligomerized Neutralite Avidin

Oligomerized neutralite avidin background/signal

Signal/Background Ratio up by 133/0,25 = 500% min

In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) is at constant search for more specificity which - in practical terms - melts down to tracking for higher signal / background ratio. Neutrality Avidin - carrying a nearly neutral charge, no oligomannosidic glycan and no Arg-Tyr-Asp (RYD) amino acids sequence - has served that specific purpose for quite some years through reducing background or non-specific bio-recognition by some 75%.

With Oligomerized NeutraLite Avidin, e-Protein goes one step further in increasing the intensity of the signal by some 133%, leading to an overall improvement of min 500% in specificity in comparison to the original avidin. A unique approach to high performance IVD, direct subsettution, no brainer!

Advantage Neutralite Vs Avidin

- The deglycosylation reduces the affinity of avidin for lecitins to undetectable levels (Hilles at al., 1987). read more

- The neutral isoelectric point of the neutralite avidin enables to conduct tests under physiological condition with the same binding property of native avidin. read more

Advantage Neutralite vs Streptavidin

The benefit of the absence of the RYD segment with Neutralite avidin is an increase of the IVD’s quality by a drastic reduction of false positive results. read more

NeutraLite Avidin is carbohydrate-free and neutral, with the double advantage of the presence of a large number of amino acids available for derivatization, and the absence of RYD sequences. Altogether, these molecular characteristics yield the lowest nonspecific binding among known biotin-binding proteins, yet a specific activity near the theoretical maximum of approximately 14 μg/mg of protein.